Leave the Care of Your Personality to Us

Our personality has a lot of influence on how people interact with us. When people start interacting with us in a positive manner, we can get things done very fast. For working people, their personality is very important for getting things done. Even for non-working people, a pleasing personality helps in maintaining and forming good relationships.


Your physical appearance is part of your personality along with your dressing and other accessories. The most important part of your physical appearance is your face. This is what people look at first. This is what people study to form an impression about you. Your face tells a lot about your personality. A clear and bright face makes people feel attracted to you. It is very important that your face exhibits a positive nature. There are many things that affect the appearance of your face. Any marks or other blemishes on the skin can mar your appearance. It is necessary to treat these and ensure that your face looks clear.



Acne scars are a big problem for many people. Acne is a common problem that all people face at certain periods of their life. It happens due to the accumulation of oil at the oil glands beneath our skin. As the oil doesn’t get drained pimples are formed. When the pimples break, they leave behind scars. These scars are indentations on the skin which mar the appearance of your face. There is a need to treat these scars so that you regain your smooth looking skin.


Chelsea Clinic offers many treatments for acne and acne scars. The subcision acne scar treatment is very effective. It is a very minor surgery where needles are used to separate the scar tissue from the underlying tissue thus removing the depression of the scar and allowing fresh tissue to grow beneath it. This is a very safe and sure treatment for acne scars.



Stubborn fat is a problem many people face. Diet or exercise won’t remove this fat. Nobody likes to have bulging stomachs or love handles. The best way to remove this fat is to freeze them. As the fat tissues freeze at a much higher temperature than the tissue around them, the treatment can be focused on the fat tissues without affecting other parts of the body. When the tissue is frozen it will die and will be removed by the natural cleansing process of the body. This process is called coolsculpting and Chelsea Clinic offers this treatment to you. This is a safe and non-invasive therapy to rid the unwanted fat.